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Back to the Galilee

With just 2 and a half months to go, and spring in the air, we have been dragging ourselves away from couches and iPads and Wii in order to fit in a few last adventures.  Yesterday we headed back to the Sea of Galilee – site of the loaves and fishes and the sermon on the mount – to take in some spectacular scenery resulting from a rainy winter.  We hadn’t been back since we went with Becca two years ago.  It was a long drive, but the boys had fun with some mini-hikes and eating fishing and calamari.

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Becca’s Grand Tour

Jenny’s sister Becca has been visiting us the past couple of weeks. Working around endless hours of playing hide and seek with Dominic and Ali, we managed to get out and explore some of Northern Israel, the West Bank, and the Dead Sea. Looking back, it has been a pretty full trip. We climbed Masada, home to Herod the Great’s palaces on top of an enormous plateau and site of a Jewish siege by Roman soldiers. We floated in the Dead Sea and gave ourselves a mud bath, explored the Crusader town of Akko on the Northern Coast of the Mediterranean, saw the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, had lunch on the Sea of Galilee, toured amazing Biblical sites like the spot where Jesus appeared to the apostles, and did a windshield tour of Jericho, the world’s oldest inhabited town.

We are really going to miss her (and the motivation she gave us to get out of the apartment)!

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