Saturday…In the Park

Since September, there have been no more lazy Saturday mornings for us!  The boys participate in the Jerusalem International Schools Football (Soccer) league and spend two hours each weekend practicing.  The experience has been a great one for both of them developing not only their athletic skills, but their sense of what it means to be part of a team.  For our part, we wanted them to be comfortable enough with soccer that they could play pick-up games with their friends in Germany, where soccer is just a part of life.  Dominic’s confidence in sports has risen dramatically (it is possible he inherited his athletic skills from his mother) and Ali’s focus has done the same.  The jury is still out as to whether they will keep playing as part of a team in Germany – right now tennis and, for Dominic, swimming are preferred.  Regardless, they have enjoyed it. Below are a few scenes from those mornings.  Jenny walks the two and a half miles to the soccer field in East Jerusalem. Sometimes Ali walks back with her, stopping at the local juice stand along the way.

IMG_20150131_102852 wedding windmillsoccer 3

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