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We’re Still Here

It is hard to believe it has been two years since we last updated this.  Life intervened and for a time I wasn’t in a place or a mood to put my reflections into words on a screen.  And for even more of a time, life intervened in all of the best ways possible and taking time out to focus on a blog simply wasn’t a priority.  So here we are again.  As always seems to be the case in our nomadic lifestyle, the next big change is already on the horizon and has been for some time.  As hard as it is not to be looking to the future, we are trying hard to focus on where we are now.  Jerusalem has been a good and happy home for us, which is ironic given the chaos and hate that are seemingly all around.  We have been through two wars here and seen the city become even more divided than it was when we arrived.  Nonetheless, it is an amazing place.  The boys – now in 1st grade and kindergarten – have kept up the great friendships that made in their first year here and made new ones as they switched schools.  It won’t be easy leave and, yet, we are exhausted by what goes on around us and know it is time.

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