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Travel Marathon

Three straight months of visitors (Jen’s dad/Joyce in May and mom for June/July), combined with our impending move, have made the last few months something of a non-stop traveling circus. We decided to eliminate from our list places with direct flights from Israel (Croatia and St. Petersburg top that list) and focus on our other priorities. I’ll try over the next couple of weeks to post on our trips to Barcelona, Tuscany, Champagne, Scanno, Rome, Berlin, and Goch (whew!).

In the meantime, though, we are hunkering down at home to enjoy our final weeks in Weil im Schoenbuch before the movers come on September 10. I think the boys have a little better idea of what “moving” is this year. As much as we hate to pull them out of their German kindergarten now that they are finally really speaking some German, the process of learning a new language has been frustrating for them and they seem ok with gambling on a new school. I fear the day they realize their new preschool will revolve around not one, but two new language (the YMCA Peace Preschool is a bilingual Arabic/Hebrew program). Anyway, this is just a placeholder as I start to get caught up on updates of our last few months. Be back soon!

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