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Top 10 Dubai Experiences

We leave Dubai today after almost three years.  Even though we are more than ready, the end of a tour always reminds me how appreciative I am for ALL of the experiences this career offers.  Some of the great memories that could have only come out of our time in Dubai:

  • Our kids build mosques out of legos and appreciate the five times a day the “mosque sings” the calls to prayer;
  • Dominic still talks about Dolphins chasing our dhow boat as we cruised the Omani fjords by the Strait of Hormuz;
  • The boys are on a first name basis with hommus, tabouleh, and schwarma.  They have their favorite kinds of dates and know olives are cured in different ways, but never out of a can.  Plus, the Pakistani and Indian food is to die for;
  • The boys complain about their “wawas,” the Arabic phrase for “ouchies.”
  • Watching the sun set behind the enormous sand dunes of the Empty Quarter is indescribable;
  • Even though sleep usually won out, walking across the street to run along the beach at sunrise was always an option;
  • The brunches are an experience alone worth coming for – four hours long, room upon room full of the best multiple five star chefs have to offer, and free flowing mojitos, champagne, scotch, and anything else you can think of to accompany the music and dancing;
  • We were front and (just slightly off-) center for the Arab Spring, a time of extreme transition in the region;
  • Our kids would (usually) rather go to the souk than the mall;
  • We now own more square footage in carpets than any house we ever have will be able to hold.

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